Whether you're looking to start investing, diversify your portfolio, save for a down payment or just earn more interest than a savings account alone, term deposits can help you achieve your financial goals. They are guaranteed secure investments with very little risk.

You set the amount, your financial institution sets the interest rate and you both decide when you get to cash out with your return. The great thing about term deposits is that you can use them for both long-term and short-term needs.

Benefits of a deposit account

  • Capital Security
  • Stable Return
  • Emergency Fund
  • Liquidity

Searing Point Wealth Management Limited can guide you through the process of opening a deposit account with our deposit taking institutions and provide advice on the market.

At HWFS we have the ability to rank the different interest rates available from all deposit takers in the country on a daily basis, as a result we can provide relevant advice.

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Protection is the key to planning in advance to enable you to protect yourself and your family against life's uncertainties.There are different types of life insurance and a range of financial protection solutions to suit everyone, and lots of information to help you make the right choice.


We are experts in financial planning in supporting you on your home buying journey. We specialise in mortgage sourcing and work with you to understand your requirements in relation to obtaining a mortgage while guiding you through the mortgage application process.


People are living longer and healthier lives which means for many retirement is the start of a new and exciting chapter, therefore it is more important than ever to think about where your income will come from when you retire.


While dealing with personal finance, setting goals are probably the most important step, And in order to achieve those goals, saving and investment play the biggest role. Savings means keeping money aside for future use. Investing means putting money or buying some assets in expectation that money will grow with time.